Five reasons to choose our Lamona Appliances.

  1. Lamona Appliances are exclusive to Howdens Joinery. We only sell appliances to trade professionals because they are best placed to ensure a professional gas and electrical installation at the time of fitting your kitchen.
  2. You'll have the reassurance that we design and supply over 400,000 complete kitchens with over 500,000 Lamona appliances each year to UK homes, so we understand how kitchens are used and how appliances should complement them.
  3. Choose from a wide selection of high quality integrated cooking, dishwashing, laundry and refrigeration products, as well as sinks and taps.
  4. All Lamona appliances purchased from 5th September 2011 include a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee and what we believe is the best after sales service in the UK.
  5. There are over 500 Howdens depots nationwide, so it's likely we're local to you. And because we're local, your trade professional can collect exactly what he needs, when he needs it, to create your dream kitchen.

Lamona LogoFind out more about the full range of Lamona Appliances available from Howdens Joinery.

You can now request the Appliance, Sink and Tap Collection brochure from Howdens Joinery.

Award winning chef John Topham demonstrates how to cook simple recipes using Lamona Appliances.
Watch the Lamona Cookery Demonstrations.

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